Brad Thompson

Sales & Marketing Representative
Gilbert, Arizona
Joined the R&R Marketing Team in July 2018


Industry Background: 
Brad began his automotive lifestyle early on in his life when he was part of the pit crew for his fathers drag racing team. He would later become the crew chief of the race team. Brad acquired most of his knowledge from spending his free time helping at his father’s performance shop and helping when he could. He has hands on experience from building everything from drag cars to sand rails and nearly everything in between. Brad is currently working on receiving his bachelor’s degree in business marketing at Arizona State University. He has extensive knowledge of the aftermarket parts industry for both the on-road and off-road sectors. Brad puts to use his strong verbal skills and automotive knowledge to represent his clients.

When not at work, Brad enjoys racing in the local No Prep drag racing events and running the road courses around his state. When he is not driving, he is in the garage working on his cars to make them faster and more competitive. He enjoys restoring classic mustangs for a variety of motorsports. Apart from motorsports Brad enjoys camping, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

Industry Associations:
-SEMA Member
-CAN Member

Southern California • Southern Nevada • New Mexico • Arizona • El Paso, Texas