Will Rowe

Northeast Region Sales Director

Dallas, Pennsylvania

Joined the R&R Marketing Team in March 2019


Industry Background:

Will Rowe has almost 25 years of experience in the automotive industry.  He is recognized as a professional that is known for his integrity and commitment to excellence because of his philosophy of support for his customers.  Will is a person that acts as a trusted advisor to his clients and works to maximize the opportunities of those he serves.  

His experience includes retail, wholesale, and executive roles, which has given him a full perspective and understanding of what businesses need to succeed.  His experience as a performance and off-road enthusiast, his knowledge of commercial fleet needs, as well as his background in the recreational vehicle segment gives him a broad perspective of various segments within the automotive industry.  

Will is also a former business owner.  As a result, he understands the complexity of providing the right product for the customer.  Because of this, he supports his clients in a way that enables them optimize every interaction with their customers.